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8 August: Introducing pagination to the Leaderboard

In this dynamic release on August 8, 2023, we're thrilled to expand your access and enhance your Tycoon Signals experience. Here's a rundown of the key improvements:
  • Streamlined Help and Tutorials: We've released our new Help page, ensuring easier access to essential resources for account management and profile trader addition.
  • Leaderboard Enhancements: Say goodbye to the "Load More" button! We've introduced pagination to the leaderboard table for smoother navigation through trading data. Now, you can view up to 100 traders per page on our leaderboard, a significant jump from just the 10 we had earlier. This means more choices and a comprehensive overview for you at a glance.
  • Optimized Performance: Our team has worked tirelessly to eliminate duplicate calls across pages, resulting in a significant performance boost across the platform.
  • Telegram Connectivity Fixed: We've resolved an issue where users couldn't reconnect their Telegram account after disconnecting during the trial period, ensuring seamless integration.
  • Empowering Onboarding: For first-time users, we've introduced an informative pop-up that directs you to our Telegram group and a YouTube video explaining platform basics, ensuring a smooth onboarding experience.
  • Updated Pricing: We've revised the pricing for yearly (€588) and lifetime (€1,190) subscriptions, ensuring they align with the exceptional value Tycoon Signals offers.
We're committed to continually refining your trading journey, making it more accessible, informative, and rewarding. Stay tuned for further updates and enhancements as we strive to empower your trading success!