31 July: Chart Performance & Statistics free for everybody

This update brings expanded access for free premium users, along with various enhancements and fixes to make your trading experience even better. 📈

  • Expanded Access for Free Premium Users: Free premium users can now access chart performance and statistics, gaining valuable insights to enhance their trading decisions. Only premium-related content remains restricted on the trader profile, such as position history.

  • Enhanced Trial Experience: New users registered between July 24th and today (August 1st, 2023) will automatically receive a 7-day trial when they log in for the first time on the platform, following successful verification.

  • Countdown for Free Trial: We've added a countdown for the 7-day free trial, so new users can easily track their trial period and make the most of their premium features.

  • Seamless Membership Upgrade: If a user decides to upgrade their membership during the 7-day trial, the payment will be smoothly processed after the trial finishes, ensuring uninterrupted access to premium benefits.

  • Subscription Downgrade Fix: Users who cancel or let their subscription expire will no longer face issues with their telegram account disconnection. We've fixed this bug to ensure a hassle-free experience.

  • Free Subscription Button Fix: We resolved the bug where the 'Free Subscription' button was still displaying after July 31st (end of the free premium month). Now, the user interface accurately reflects the current subscription status.

We are continuously working to optimize the Tycoon Signals platform and provide you with an exceptional trading journey. Your valuable feedback helps us deliver the best features and services. Get ready for more exciting updates as we strive to make your trading experience even more rewarding! 📈

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