24 July: Improved User journey

We're thrilled to announce the latest enhancements and bug fixes on the Tycoon Signals platform:

  • Verified Badge Fix: The verified badge on the trader profile page is now correctly displayed, providing you with reliable information about the traders you follow.

  • Improved Trader Profile: We resolved the display issue where trader descriptions were falling outside the panel, ensuring a neat and informative trader profile.

  • Simplified Telegram Connection: Connecting to Telegram is now more straightforward. You can do it by clicking on the Telegram bot (if Telegram is installed) or manually searching for the Tycoon Telegram Bot and messaging the secret key.

  • Enhanced Mobile Experience: Our team has worked diligently to fix various display issues on mobile across the entire platform, ensuring a seamless mobile trading experience.

  • Streamlined Leaderboard: The leaderboard table now looks perfect, with no unnecessary whitespace on desktop devices.

  • Security Enhancement: For added security, we have completely removed admin endpoints.

  • Improved Filtering: We fixed the display issue related to the X button when filtering traders by name, both on desktop and mobile.

  • Accurate Trader Performance: The trader profile performance now shows 0% and $0 instead of N/A, providing a more accurate representation.

  • Throttled Call Optimization: We've improved our code to avoid millions of throttled calls (error 429), leading to smoother data retrieval.

  • URL Domain Change: The sign-up/sign-in URL domain has been updated to auth.tycoon.io, ensuring a consistent user experience.

  • Expanded Free User Features: Free users can now access Statistics and Performance Chart panels on the trader profile page, empowering you with more valuable insights.

We appreciate your valuable feedback and continue to work hard to deliver a cutting-edge trading platform. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we strive to make your trading journey even more rewarding! 🚀📊

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